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    Trust Fund



Following the great success of MSSA hosting the ICEM15( International Conference on Electron Microscopy) in 2002, the profits of this meeting have been put into a trust fund to generate funds to help fund the promotion of Microscopy in the MSSA community.

As such, it invites applications for funding towards the following areas:

  1. Promoting microscopy and science careers in Southern Africa,

  2. Towards the organization of microscopy based workshops or schools in Southern Africa,

  3. Attendance at microscopy conferences or workshops in 2007,

  4. Promoting microscopy to learners in schools.

Applications must be by e-mail only to the Secretary of the Trust, Alan Hall at alan.hall@up.ac.za


Applications must contain all information considered relevant including:

  1. Letter of support from the head of department or supervisor,

  2. CV of the person or persons involved,

  3. Details of the conference, workshop, event or project planned,

  4. Specific benefits to be obtained by the person(s),

  5. Detailed budget,

  6. Details of applications made or to be made to other funding sources and their response etc.


NOTE: Applications not containing all the required information and good motivations will not be considered. The Trust will not chase any missing information.


It is normally expected that that the Trust will only partially fund the total budget. Successful applicants will be required to provide proof of attendance at the funded event or audited accounts when organizing events etc., write a detailed article on their attendance or event for the MSSA Newsletter. A presentation on what was learned/gained is expected at the scientific sessions or Technical Forum of the following MSSA conference.


Mike Witcomb

Chairperson, MSSA Trust


Send mail to Luc@anaspec.co.za with questions or comments about this web site.
Last modified: 04/25/10