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Application Form
Members List


The Society is open to professional scientists, technicians and technologists, as well as students and members of the trade [microscopy and associated equipment].

Information and application forms are available from this site, on the left.

Fees are payable annually on receipt of a statement from the society. 

Good news once again, there is no change to the annual fees for 2005.


 Membership entitles you to

bulleta reduced fee for conference registration
bulletreceipt of the informative newsletter (MSSA NEWS) during the year
bulletaccess to discussion groups (MSSA Listserver) and regional meetings

Types of Members

We have three forms of membership to MSSA


Ordinary membership is open to all persons interested in any form of microscopy and related topics.  Students not in full-time employment are eligible for a reduced membership fee.


Institutional membership is open to all scientific institutions, business firms or other corporate bodies which have an interest in microscopy, such a member nominating up to four representative members.


Student membership is open to any currently registered student of any recognised university in Southern Africa

Your status with the society can be confirmed, or checked, by contacting either Mr Alan Hall or Prof. John Soley.


Annual membership fees:  ( last updated 1 December 2007 )

Ordinary membership R 70.00
Institutional membership R 280.00
Student membership R 35.00

An entry fee of  R30.00 is payable by Ordinary and  Institutional members.

Current membership statistics

The Society has for the year 2003, approximately 215 members. This includes students, normal, honorary and trade members.

As microscopy in our neighbouring countries has become a bit to expensive to afford, we don't have very many other African members. However we have a few from Botswana, where the university has just set up a new EM unit in 2001.

The list supplied only shows phone numbers as we don't want to have this list used for spam. Sorry about that but any prevention of spam is essential these days.

Membership enquiries

Any enquiries on membership should be addressed to Mr Alan Hall or Prof. John Soley who also maintain the list.

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