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Other Societies 
Australian Society of Electron Microscopy and the Australian Microbeam Society

International Federation of Societies for Microscopy

Microscopy Society of America
Royal Microscopy Society, UK
European Microscopy Society

Microscopy Society of New Zealand

South African Institute of Physics
South African Agency for Science and technology Advancement



Local University EM units

University of Pretoria

University of Cape Town

Rhodes University

University of Natal CEM Pietermaritzburg

Univ of Botswana.

University of Durban Westville

University of Fort Hare

University of the Free State

University of Port Elizabeth

North-West University, Potchefstroom Campus

University of Stellenbosch


University of the Western Cape

University of the Witwatetrsrand

Schonland Institute Wits


Listing of most Universities and colleges


Training, and General info for kids.

Protrain :- General SEM and TEM. Sample prep and consultancy
Live E.M. Page International Association of Advisors on Microscopy
For the kids and general microscopy pictures. Just great !
What is an Electron Microscope anyway!  Lessons Plannet Microscopy.
Virtual Library: Microscopy
Optical Microscopy Premier Teacher Link Microscopy
Internet Periodic chart of the elements
WebElements Pro logo
Nano Tech America.

How AFM and SPM works.




General Microscopy
Virtual Microscopy We invite you to visit the interactive Java-powered virtual microscopes that we have constructed. These virtual microscopes explore specimen focus, illumination intensity, magnification, and translation---operating essentially in a manner that is identical to real-life microscopes.
Microscopes and Microscopy [Chris Jeffries @ metro.turnpike.net, UK. Note: this is a  new USA mirror site of the UK site].Sites listed geographically, by subject or organisation; FTP sites, meetings & conferences, and more. 
Microscopy & Microanalysis WWW Server Nestor J. Zaluzec @ Materials Sciences Division at Argonne National Laboratory.Access to sites and Societies as above, also Microanalysis, and Software library. 
Microscopy Online offered by NanoTEM, Inc.A hyper-journal with marketplace feel, inVirtual Microscopycluding News, Workshops, Buyer's guide,..... keyword searchable.


Select Science is an online, independent information service for laboratory scientists. It  helps consumers to
make informed decisions when purchasing  laboratory equipment. Select Science also provides, industry news, 
jobs, conferences, editorial features and links to other key sites 

Micro Angela

 A site of beautiful pictures from electron microscopes. GREAT FOR KIDS !
Optical Microscopy Theory, museum pieces, history and much more on microscopy
Basics of Optical Mic Basic Concepts in Optical Microscopy
Museum Of Microscopes The Molecular Expressions Museum of Microscopy features historical microscopes ranging from sixteenth century Dutch designs through the magnificent microscopes of eighteenth and nineteenth century Europe to the latest microprocessor-powered models available today.
TEM ANALYSIS is a company that provides world-class TEM analysis services for the semiconductor industry. We are not the arm of another large company, so you need not be concerned about your intellectual property issues.

Confocal Microscopy 
Molecular Dynamics. Instrument details, plus informative application notes (fluorescence microscopy, gel electrophoresis & autoradiography etc) 
3-D Laser Scanning Confocal Microscopy Lance Ladic @ UBC, Canada 


5. Image Analysis
Clemex Technologies Inc Makers and marketers of image analysis systems for the scientific community


7. Trade/Commercial Sites

Local companies are especially encouraged to notify me of their presence on the web: I will endeavour to include new sites as soon as I can. These listing are presented as a service to microscopy users, to enable them to find items more easily, and thus this does not constitute payed advertising. It's free, people !

Local Sites [Southern Africa] 

IMP SA agents for Nikon optical microscopes and imaging products, image analysis, frame stores, and metallurgical products


Provides rapid professional technical support to users and suppliers of microscopy related equipment, locally and internationally

SMM Instruments

 Leica agent and a large variety of laboratory supplies.
Carl Zeiss South Africa Suppliers of Carl Zeiss Optical products
Advanced Laboratory Solutions Jeol agent and laboratory supply company
Apollo Scientific FEI agents and various laboratory equipment.
Swiss Labs Laboratory supplies
Wirsam scientific Cameca probes, Tescan , Olympus and various laboratory supplies

International Sites  

Bioptics USA; LM accessories Diatome USA; Diamond Knife, Diamond Tools, related products, and user manuals 
 South Bay Technology Manufacturer of Precision Sample Preparation Equipment and Supplies for Metallography, Crystallography and Electron Microscopy    
EDAX International USA; EM; analytical accesories Electron Microscopy Sciences USA; EM & LM accessories for general, materials, biology and matallurgical labs; chemcials; microscopy tools; specimen preparation accessories; cryo etc 
Gatan UK Hitachi Japan 
JEOL [USA] JEOL [Sweden] Leica Lasertechnik Germany 
Micro Star Technologies USA    
SPI Supplies - Structure Probe, Inc. Manufacturer and distributor of sample preparation equipment and consumable supplies  Carl Zeiss  USA Carl Zeiss Germany
Lab Design Laboratory Design and Supply provides Laboratory Services and Laboratory Equipment such as furniture, cabinets, fume hoods, and more.    


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