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One of the main functions of the society is to organise the annual microscopy conference in Southern Africa.

As detailed in our History page, the idea of this conference has always been to bring people together who are in some way connected with microscopy with in the Southern African region.
The conference is hosted annually by the various user institutions in the region typically in the first week of December.

Various guest speakers are invited, as well as all the local delegates attend. The conference takes the form of formal presentations of publications as well as a poster session and usually attracts about 120 delegates.

We also pride ourselves on having a less formal more technical session that allows and encourages students, operators and in some instances, scholars, to take this opportunity to address fellow scientists. 

All the presentation are also formally published and distributed to national and international libraries.

The conference also invites the trade to participate in various forms.

Oh, and then there are the social functions. Mampoer tasting comes to mind as one of the " Not to be tried again." events.

For more information on the current conference please visit the relative site listed on the left.


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